3 Secret Tips to Getting More Likes, Comments, Replies on Your Facebook Social Media Posts

Many people post more advertisting then

valueable information on their social media profiles

and wonder why they are not getting anyone to see,like or share their posts


Here are 3 Effective Strategies that will work the best to draw people to You. 

1. Stop posting & commenting on your own Timeline and go comment & engage on your ideal prospects fan page or wall where you see a lot of engagement. 

2. Go to your friend list and engage on your friends posts. like, comment, ask questions.  “DO NOT Spam”
ENGAGE and others will notice you and want to engage back with you

3. For Facebook – Use Graph Search to search for people in your niche that would like to read your posts and go engage with them in their world. 

You are in health & fitness industry and you promote supplements, go to the pages about health, diet etc.. comment and like those peoples comments. Start building up relationships there. 

My point is, go find where your ideal prospect or partner is, hang out there &  make yourself visible by writing good comments and providing value (NOT spaming your link all over the place)

Then down the road people will begin to ask you questions, friend request you & want to join you in whatever it is that you are promoting.

>> Share your Thoughts

What are you doing to get more likes, comments or shares for your posts?


Have a Fantastic Day 
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