A Message from David Wood to Network Marketing Leaders


Please watch this video – it’s 31 minutes, and you need to see the entire thing.  I talk about the honest problems in our profession, and how we’re going to fix them at our event this month in Charlotte.

Please see our FULL EARNINGS DISCLOSURE HERE before watching the video.


I believe everything David says in the video above will happen.  Since October 31st, 2011 – he has created 13 millionaires, 23 people who have earned over $500,000.  143 who have now earned $100,000 or more.  All online.  Now, we’re taking our message to the mass market in a way that – trust me, you want to be a part of.  The video above explains everything – we don’t have a lot of time.

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A couple of quick things from David :

1.  If you want to come check out our event, but are nervous that your company might terminate you if you attend, we will sign a mutual non-disclosure and have a special area at the event for you if you qualify.  Nobody will know you are there.  This offer is only valid if you currently make $250,000 a year or more in an MLM organization, and are willing to submit proof of current earnings.  I will have a special email dedicated to this up by this Monday, June 9th, 2014.  I’m also going to be having private gatherings online via hangouts from now until our event, answering questions – that will also be NDA gatherings.

2.  If you do want to run with us – there will be no special deals.  No special placements.  No free products.  No contracts.  No ‘signing bonuses’.  You’ll have to do what everyone else in our organization has to do in order to succeed.  It’s more honest.  It’s more ethical.  I am inviting you to BUILD in an environment that you’ve always wanted to be in.

3.  I’m serious about this – and I’ve got a history of delivering extraordinary outcomes.  I know that what I’m doing in Charlotte is going to work like I believe it will work.  It is a BIG deal.  You need to be there.

If you fall into the category described in the video, I’ll have an application submission process up by Monday.  You can return to this post, and find the information here.

If you are seeing this post as a referral from somebody else – get back with the person who invited you to see this video, and ask them how you can get started, get all in, and register for our Charlotte event.

Let’s get ready to rock.

-David Wood

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