Apollos Hester Gives a Inspirational Interview

Apollos Hester Gives an Inspirational Interview


Apollos Hester, wide receiver for the East View Patriots, made the interview hall-of-fame Friday night as The East View Patriots came back from a tough start to win their game, and Apollos Hester was pumped! He delivered the most inspirational post-game interview to ever go down at a high school football game. Lauren Mickler had the pleasure of talking to this ball of enthusiasm live on the high school football show on TWC News Austin. Can you   tell, he was pretty fired up? He even had the guys in the newsroom pumped up. Great Interview Apollos Hester


Apollos Hester’s words were worthy of a motivational speaker.

Here are some of his inspirational quotes from the interview
“Regardless of the scoreboard you’re going to be successful”

“Its an awesome feeling when you realize you are going to be successful”

“That’s All it takes!  That’s All it take to be successful – an attitude”

“Do it for each other Do it for yourself”

“We’re going to start slow but we’re always Always going to finish fast”


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