Awesome Yacht trip with Empower Network family & Co-founders David Wood & David Sharpe

jaylynn & jay brown on yatch in Fort Lauderdale

This was an Amazing Weekend because I took Action.

I found out about a private Dave & Dave Team meeting ALL-IN team members only. Well I am Not on David Wood & David Sharpe’s Team and at the Time I was NOT ALL IN (Now I am) and I was passed up to David Wood & David Sharpe for the Costa Rica Masters program.  When I found out about the location to the event i went to the hotel just to see who  I can meet and network with.

I went to the Private Miami Meeting

I noticed 2 guys Fredrik PerssonCarl Kmiec Jr  sitting in the lobby and they had Empower Network lanyards on. So i approached them and started talking with them. Then Fredrik and I went to have lunch and shared some tips & stories with each other. Made a great connection during the 2 – 3 hours hanging out. Fredrik Persson lunch in miami

About 3:30pm Fredrik Persson went upstairs to register for the private team meeting I walked with him. As he registered for the event the lady at the desk asked for his spouse or partner’s name  but he had no spouse or partner with him. So i stepped up to him and said to him “Can I be your bitch this weekend”. He Laughed and said sure.  Yahoooooo I WAS IN.  I Can Not Thank Fredrik enough for that weekend because of that he & I have changed many people’s lives.


Do Yourself the Favor and Take Action Take Massive Action and Team up with us in Empower Network. The connections & people You will meet will change Your Life & others people’s Lives Forever  Click the link Below for more info to Get Started



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PS. Please respect my time and energy, if I do not respond or get back to you RIGHT Away it is NOT a reflection of me not caring about you. My dream was to spend time at home and not be on a “schedule” unless it was my own. I have 4 kids at home (youngest being 19 mths old) my time is first and foremost being a full time Dad. My training & marketing is geared for the part time learner and WILL help you as long as you take action.

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