Bill & Michelle Pescosolido leaves Numis to Go…

What Company Did Bill & Michelle Pescosolido go to from Numis Network

Everyone has been saying that Bill & Michelle Pescosolido left Numis Network to Go Empower Network. Yes it is true that Bill & Michelle Pescosolido have a Empower Network blog but it is NOT true that Bill & Michelle Pescosolido left Numis network to go to Empower Network

Bill-and-Michelle-Pescosolido join Evolv

On Saturday May 4th Michelle Pescosolido posted on Facebook

Bill and I did not join EN. We have had a blog over there running on automation for quite sometime. But, we don’t build it. I have it cuz I needed help from Rob Fore a long time ago and that was my way of paying him back.

So with that said we didn’t leave Numis for EN. David Wood is cool but no that’s not where we planted our flag.



She still has Not publicly said what company her & Bill Pescosolido are going to but if you look at Michelle Pescosolido Facebook profile it says that she works at Evolv Health Also she has updated her website to the Evolv Health website. I had a quick facebook chat with Michelle wishing her good luck & congratulating her on her move to Evolv Health. So it safe to say that Bill & Michelle Pescosolido has left Numis Network and joined Evolv Health evolv health Michelle Pescosolido


I asked Michelle did she joined Evolv with Cedrick Harris? No Michelle & Bill did NOT join Evolv Health with Cedrick Harris. What is going on with Evolv Health that is making top marketers change companies and go to Evolv Health. The company has been around for a number of years with its ups & downs as any company has. It looks like they are about to get some momentum.

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