Chris Record’s Top 5 Facebook Advertising Niches [FREE TRAINING]


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In this post I will share with you some specific strategies that I am using to crush it with FB ads, as well as the 5 areas that I am having the most success with. Enjoy 

1) Selling T-Shirts
2) Promoting Affiliate Offers
3) Recruiting Reps for MLM Offers 
4) Personal Branding Campaigns
5) Building Up Massive Fan Pages

Let’s briefly look at each one individually:


For t-shirts, the key is coming up with a killer design, that is unique, and targets a niche very well. Then, you create good newsfeed ads and start running tests.

You pause the losers and scale the winners. You can keep re-running a t-shirt over and over when you find good ones.


For affiliate offers the key is super-targeting the audience that would be most likely to buy that product.

For example, if it’s an SEO product, then you would target people who are bloggers, or have websites that they want to get ranked better.

The real time is spent in figuring out the right keywords for the right audience.

Then you build bridge-campaigns to market to them with good newsfeed ads.

Tracking ID’s on each ad to make sure you know which ones are performing or not.


For network marketing it call comes down to creativity.

You identify what is the perfect target audience as Customers of the product, and then you develop a campaign around those customers.

It’s called bridge marketing.

For example, if the product was a “blog” that you were selling, you could show people how to make money by blogging about their passion. And so on.

If the product was energy drinks you could target people that are into x-games sports, motocross, etc.

If the product was weight loss related you could target people who are interested in tv shows like the big loser, etc.

It really just comes down to creative ideas.


I began running ads with my own picture in them, marketing my own stuff, and running them to a large circle of influential people in my niche, as well as their friends and followers.

Plus, I run those ads to my own friends and followers.

My goal is not to be profitable with these campaigns, but rather to invest a small amount of money on ads where I pay per “impression”.

Why? Because over time, this is a great way to establish yourself as someone prominent in your field.

You don’t want to be “obscure”. You don’t want to be “unknown”.

You want people in your niche to think of YOU when they are talking with others about it. And one of the great ways to do that is with a low-cost personal branding campaign.


This is where I got my start. I only use right side ads for this, and they are all very simple.

I build fan pages in topics related to my niche, or big topics that have a huge viral following, and then place right side ads to get LIKES.

I simply tell them to like the page if they like that topic.

Nothing fancy. Just real good matching. And graphics that pop.

The big tip here is to focus on topics that people ALREADY LIKE. Not topics that they don’t know yet because why would they like something they don’t know yet?

Most people go wrong here and build a fan page about themselves or their business. The problem is that people don’t KNOW you or your business. So why should they like you or your business?

Instead, focus on topics that are big that people already like. Build those pages up. And when the time comes, you are the admin of that page and can promote your business on it.

That’s how you can generate an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

Then, if you write a blog post about that topic, or create a video about that topic, you can get thousands of views in minutes, with the click of a mouse, on-demand.

It’s next level marketing 


That being said, the REAL key is to “bridge” the offers.

You “match” the ads and the offer specifically to that audience.

For example, if I want to sell a “hosting” offer, then I will show people how they can get paid with their own blog.

But I will bridge that campaign directly to the niche that I am targeting.

Let’s say sports. Or a sports team.

I could target fans of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and the ad could show them how they could get PAID to blog about the GIANTS.

In the video I could show them a few affiliate sites that have Giants gear that they can blog about or put banners on their blog, etc.

And then show them some GIANTS t-shirts that they could be creating, and so on.

These people would now be shown how they can cash in on their passion by blogging about their favorite sports team, and at the same time I can sell 100 hosting accounts per day with something like that.

If I chose Hostgator as the company to sell for, they pay $125 for each hosting account, so I would be making over $10,000 per day, minus ad expenses, probably a few thousand per day.

If I chose a company like Empower Network to sell hosting/blogging, then I don’t make as much up front, but over time those customers upgrade to more products that I get paid on and my LTV gets up around $800 per customer, plus I build a list.

So you see, this can really work for almost any opportunity or anything.

I focus on good audiences, good ads, and good ideas.

Did that help shine some light on what I’m doing with my Facebook Advertising?


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