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(Closed Captions for deaf) Empower Network presentation with David Sharpe Empower Network Blog Beast Platform ENV2 is going to change internet marketing and network marketing industry in October 2013

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0:09 [Music playing]

0:18 Speaker: Hey, what’s going on? Welcome to mi casa. I was almost done getting ready so

0:36 give me one quick second.

0:50 [Music playing]

0:55 Hey, what’s going on? My name is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to my house, and what I want to do

1:03 for you in this video is actually probably something a little bit different than what

1:06 you are used to. I actually want to tell you what really happened and how I got here living

1:10 inside of a ridiculous five thousand square foot mansion, driving any car that I want,

1:14 traveling the world being able to go do the things that I want to do with the people that

1:18 I want to do them with anytime that I want and disconnect from normality and reality.

1:22 It wasn’t always like that though guys, and that’s what I want to share with you inside

1:26 of this video. I want to show you where I came from. I want to teach you what I did

1:31 to get out of that situation and where I’m at now.

1:35 Guys, five years ago, five years ago, I was homeless. I was just coming off of a ten year

1:41 run addicted to drugs, addicted to alcoholism, addicted to making bad decisions, addicted

1:47 to my own bad thinking and staying in this vicious cycle, and I don’t know if you can

1:51 relate to quite those depths that I was in, but I can tell you something that I was in

1:55 a place that I never want to be again, and I can remember specifically after coming off

2:01 of a long hard run coming out of a bathroom that I had spent an hour or so in using drugs

2:08 and standing up with tears rolling down my cheeks looking into a mirror, and I didn’t

2:13 want to look at myself because I didn’t really like who I was; I didn’t like who I had become.

2:17 It was not the person that I was meant to be, and I made a decision at that moment that

2:22 I was going to change my life regardless of what it took, and instead of going left and

2:28 continuing to make the same decisions that I had made for the last ten years, I decided

2:32 to go right, and my father, who hadn’t seen me in over a year, I kind of dragged and crawled

2:37 myself up onto his doorstep and knocked on his door and when he opened, he looked at

2:41 me almost as if I had three heads. He hadn’t seen me in a long time. He didn’t know where

2:45 I was. He didn’t know how I had become a hundred and thirty or forty pounds, whatever I was

2:50at that time, and I said words that I’ll never forget and I don’t think he will either. I

2:54 said, “Dad, I need you to help me save my life.” Well, of course, I’m his son and he

3:02 said yes.

3:03 He let me sleep on his couch over the course of the next couple of months, and what happened

3:07 from that point was my life started to change, but it didn’t start to change for all of the

3:13 better and overnight. I can actually remember working on a construction job first with my

3:18 dad because he worked construction too, and he let me just come to his jobs and kind of

3:21 earn a little bit of money as I was getting back on my feet, but then I started to go

3:25 out and do some of my own jobs, but life still wasn’t that good for me.

3:29 I lived in an old four-hundred square foot shanty. It was on a main drag. I had a hard

3:34 time falling asleep at night because cars would be driving by and gunshots and drug

3:39 deals going on outside of my window.

3:40 I drove an old 1990 Ford F-150. This thing literally had more rust on it than paint.

3:47 I can actually even remember having to start this thing with a screwdriver. I don’t know

3:50 if you’ve ever been in a situation to where you didn’t have enough money to fix a car

3:55 that was already kind of an ugly car and kind of a piece of crap, but you would take your

4:00 family out or I would, and we would be in a parking lot somewhere and the truck wouldn’t

4:05 start, and I had to pop the hood and use the screwdriver and sparks would fly everywhere

4:10 just to start the truck, and I could not afford to fix it.

4:14 Guys, one day, I was at a crossroads, and I realized that I couldn’t go on doing what

4:19 I was doing anymore, and I stumbled upon the information that I’m going to share with you

4:23 inside of this video, and I’m not going to tell you that it was overnight success, but

4:28 I will tell you that what I’m going to teach you about making money on the internet about

4:33 taking your business from wherever it is right now — some of you are stuck in the 1970′s

4:37 still. Some of you are stuck in the 1990′s still. Some of you are doing things that are

4:42 just not working anymore. Some of you have been misguided with misinformation. I’m not

4:46 sure where you’ve been, but here’s what I can promise you is that by the end of this

4:50 video, I’m going to share with you what I learned that actually took my life and has

4:55 transformed this ninth grade dropout, this guy who lived on the streets for ten years,

5:00 this guy who five years ago couldn’t even put two sentences together and has completing

5:04 transformed my life, but I’m going to tell you something friends. It’s not just me. It’s

5:08 tens of thousands of other people, and I’m going to introduce to you throughout this

5:12 video a few of those people; right now, right here I’m going to introduce you to a few of

5:17 my friends who have had this information that I’m going to teach you on this video who have

5:22 applied it to their life and their business and its changed their life too.

5:26 Speaker: I gave birth to my son a month and a half after being in Empower Network. Within

5:30 that six week period, I made eighteen grand.

5:33 Speaker: As I’m shooting this video right now I’ve literally made over $7,000 in the

5:37 last week.

5:38 Speaker: I’ve made approximately $406,000 in the last twelve months or in the first

5:43 twelve months.

5:43 Speaker: I mean our fifth month in the business, we did $34,000 and we were consistently doing

5:47 a thousand dollars a day in personal net income.

5:49 Speaker: My commissions, my earnings are about $60,000.

5:52 Speaker: Two to three hours a day to make $40,000 every single month. I mean, who does

5:58 that?

5:58 Speaker: I’ve done about $579,000.

6:00 Speaker: In about seven and a half months, we’re sitting at about $125,000.

6:05 Speaker: Layla and I made $13,000.

6:07 Speaker: So far I’ve made $26,000 in commissions.

6:11 Speaker: Before we get started here I actually have to give you two warnings, first and foremost,

6:17 that I don’t want to promise or guarantee that you are going to make lots and lots of

6:21 money when you apply this system to your business online. I can’t. Legally, I can’t. I have

6:26 to disclaim, and I’m more than happy to disclaim average earnings here. That’s really a link

6:31 down blow this video that if you’re curious, you want to know the average earnings, you

6:35 can go down and check those for yourself. You can also go to /income.php.?id=bulldogmarketer

6:39 and you can get that information as well. I like the truth. I like being open. I like

6:45 being honest. I like people being well informed so they can make a decision to start right

6:52 now, but I’ve got to give you a warning first.

7:29 [Text displayed in video]

7:37 Speaker: When I first got started on this journey to discovering the information that

7:42 I’m going to share with you inside of this video, I can tell you that I started off with

7:46 very, very humble beginnings. Now, I want to take you back to a time to when I was actually

7:50 first exposed to the very first time of being an entrepreneur making money from home. I

7:55 was actually on a construction site, and a guy named John came up to me and John was

7:59 so excited. This guy was hilarious, and everyone’s seen this type of person before where somebody

8:04 is out of their mind excited about something, and you just can’t understand why they are

8:09 as excited as they are because it’s their thing, and you just kind of let them go, and

8:14 this is exactly what I did with John. He said, “Dave, you’ve got to take a look at what I’m

8:19 doing,” and at this time, I was not quite as open minded as I am today. I didn’t realize

8:25 that I could have anything that I wanted in life if I knew the right information and got

8:30 around the right people who were using the right system. So I said, John, it’s just not

8:35 for me, and John just kept pounding me and kept pounding me and eventually, I took the

8:39 money from that construction job, and I got involved in this work from home opportunity.

8:45 The issue, the problem that I had was is that I was going out using marketing strategies

8:50 and techniques that people were teaching back in the 1960′s and the 1970′s. Here’s a couple

8:55 of examples. I actually thought that the secret — now remember I told you I lived on a main

8:59 drag and traffic, who knows how many people, drove by my house every single day. I thought

9:05 that the secret to me getting rich inside of this business was going to be to buy a

9:11 big 3×6 banner and hang it on the fence so everybody who drove by my house was going

9:19 to know the business that I was involved in and was going to immediately buy and join.

9:24 Well that wasn’t the case so of course I went to one of those free website’s to where you

9:28 can buy the magnets that you can stick on the car or the truck and you’ve all seen these

9:32 before. Well, I, of course, drove the old 1990 Ford F150 that I had to start with a

9:37 screwdriver, and every time I did start it with a screwdriver sparks would fly everywhere

9:41 and there was more rust than paint inside this truck, and every time that I pulled up

9:45 to a light when I was going somewhere with my family I would of course be loud and proud

9:50 because I had my magnetic sign over advertising my business on the side of my the door, and

9:55 the people would literally look away because they didn’t want to catch whatever I had which

9:59 was the poverty disease at that time so I went to my girl at the time, and we’re still

10:04 together today. Her name’s Erin, and I said, “Honey, what I’m doing is not working. There’s

10:09 something that I need to learn.” And she said, “Well, what do you think it is?” And I said,

10:13 “Well, I don’t know. I was fumbling around on the internet, and I heard some people talking

10:17 about some things, and I think there might be something to that.” So she said, “Well,

10:20 what are you going to do?” And I said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have

10:23 the money to go and buy a computer,” and first she said, “Well, honey, I believe in you,

10:27 and I believe you can do whatever you put your mind to,” so she let me use her credit

10:31 card and I went and bought a computer, and I paid this old rinky-dinky laptop off over

10:37 the course of the next six or seven months like fifty dollars at a time.

10:41 Well here’s the magical thing that happened when I bought that computer and I started

10:46 trying it, and the key word there is trying to build my business online is I discovered

10:51 there was a whole world, there was a whole group, there was a whole army of people who

10:56 had discovered some things about how marketing, how business worked here in the 2013′s and

11:03 beyond, right? They realized and I realized by watching them that you can actually build

11:09 a business entirely online, traveling the world, doing whatever you want with whoever

11:13 you want whenever you want completely disconnected from the rat race, and you can do it completely

11:19 on autopilot and as I would go to these different pages and these different website’s I would

11:25 stick my email into the forms, and I would buy various products, but there was something

11:30 I just couldn’t figure out because I realized that basically as I started to begin to try

11:35 to set up my own website’s and try to set up my own blogs and try to set up my own marketing

11:40 funnels and sell products that it was hard as hell just to by quite frank with you. It

11:45 was really difficult. You had to basically have a PhD to FTP your HTML and your php code

11:53 and set this thing up, and the truth of the matter was you almost had to have some sort

11:58 of a science or doctorate degree to understand all of the technical stuff that you needed

12:05 to know to be able to build a business online, and I’m going to tell you something; I began

12:09 to get frustrated. I began to realize that what I was doing wasn’t working. I began to

12:13 realize that there was something also just like back in time in my life when I was struggling

12:18 in other areas of my life that there was something that I did not know; there was something that

12:22 I needed to learn, and I’m going to tell you something; that feeling brought me back down.

12:27 That feeling reminded me of where I was at when I was at rock bottom, and I’m going to

12:32 tell you something friends; I felt like I was at rock bottom once again inside of my

12:37 life trying to build my business on the internet.

12:40 I vividly remember the shame and the humiliation that I felt as I took a good, long look at

12:46 where I’d been, where my life was at that moment and where I was headed, and in an enormous

12:51 flash of clarity I knew through and through that if I didn’t do something fast I would

12:55 be destined to be broke forever living a mediocre and a meaningless life, and that scared the

13:01 living crap out of me. I made another breakthrough decision right there, and I’ve made it my

13:07 mission in life, first and foremost, to give my family the life that they deserve, and

13:11 that is a picture of my family and me traveling, cars, spending time with my daughter and my

13:18 beautiful better half, Erin, and second, to help as many other people as humanly possible

13:25 do the same thing

13:41 for themselves.

13:51 [Text displayed in video]

14:13 Speaker: Okay, my friends; what I’m going to actually do is break down specifically how

14:47 money is made online. I actually want to teach you how money goes from somebody’s credit

14:52 card from their wallet, how they make a decision to buy from being on a web page and how that

14:57 money is then deposited into your bank account, the dynamics and the mechanics of how this

15:02 process works, but first I want to give you a little disclaimer.

15:05 First and foremost and I always like to do this because I want to remember — I want

15:09 you to remember that I like to teach. I want to show you and educate you. Truthfully, regardless

15:14 of whether you decide to use this information and use this system, if you decide to apply

15:19 it and decide to use it today, it’s not going to change my lifestyle in any way. I don’t

15:24 need anything from you. Regardless of whether you decide to buy, whether you decide to join,

15:28 whether you decide to lock arms with us, whether you decide to apply what I’m about to teach

15:32 you it’s not going to alter or change my lifestyle whatsoever. I’m still going to do what I want

15:38 to do with the people that I want to do it with when I want to do it, travel the world,

15:42 get up, go, whenever I want to go because I have this information inside of my head,

15:47 and I can apply it anytime that I want to apply it. So with that being said, let’s get

15:51 into it.

15:52 First and foremost, I believe that there’s two ways to make money online essentially

15:57 on the internet. First of all, the direct way and this is uh — I’m going to get another,

16:04 get another uh, marker here — the direct way, okay, and then there’s the indirect way;

16:17 the direct way and the indirect way, okay? Specifically what I mean with the direct way

16:24 and the indirect way is the direct way is you take somebody, a visitor, traffic is what

16:31 we call it on the internet and you push them to a page probably very similar to the page

16:36 that you came through before you watched the video that you’re watching right now.

16:40 Here’s what that page looks like. It’s a page that has maybe some text, maybe a video; I’m

16:47 not sure. This is really insignificant. The most important part is that down here at the

16:54 bottom or somewhere on the page in order to get the information on the other side you

17:00 have to enter your email address. Now some of you are asking, why did I have to enter

17:05 my email address? Or why should I be asking for somebody’s email address when I drive

17:09 them into my sales funnel? Well, it’s the difference between handing out business cards

17:14 and getting business cards. If you go and you go to just maybe go to a network meeting

17:18 or something like that and you’re constantly handing out business cards, the truth of the

17:22 matter is that maybe one percent of people who get your business card is actually going

17:26 to call you, truthfully, and you may have even had that experience before like I have.

17:30 I went through like thousands of business cards and today I don’t even use them because

17:34 if I want to collect somebody’s information or I want to be able to get ahold of them

17:38 I get their business card, right, so I can follow up with them so I can contact them

17:43 when I want to contact them opposed to kind of waiting around and maybe hoping that they

17:48 come back to my website or pick up my business card and call me. Once the person, the visitor,

17:54 comes to your web page and enters their email into your email list, you take them to a page

17:59 probably and if you look around at this page maybe start to notice the background, maybe

18:06 there’s some text above this video or not, you’re on a page just like I’m about to describe

18:10 right here, right now. That’s a page that looks like this. It’s a page with just a video

18:20 on it and nothing more, right?

18:22 Why do I call this a direct selling, a direct response, a direct marketing approach and

18:27 that’s actually what we call this is direct response marketing. Why; because I’m soliciting

18:32 a specific response from you and I’m not, I’m not asking you to do anything else except

18:38 number one, right, number one, I’m asking you to give me your email address because

18:43 when you come to this video, if you decide not to take action, if you decide not to buy,

18:49 well then guess what? I’ve got your email address; I can follow up with you. I want

18:52 to teach you specifically how you can build a list of followers, a list of leads that

18:58 whether they decide to buy today or not, right, decide to buy today or not, you can follow

19:04 up with them at a later time.

19:06 You’re on this page right now and you’re watching a video, and the reason why this is so effective

19:11 is because human beings and I’m probably one of the people that can describe this the best

19:17 has ADD (a.k.a. shiny ball syndrome). It’s like you’re probably watching this with ten

19:23 windows open on your computer. Maybe you’ve got Facebook, your phones going off, Skypes

19:28 going off, the kids are yelling, the dogs barking, the next door neighbor’s kid is mowing

19:32 the lawn, whatever. There’s distractions going on all over the place, all the time. Well,

19:37 when you’re selling something to somebody the direct way, you don’t want any distractions.

19:42 If you’re noticing something on this page you’re probably noticing that there’s nothing

19:45 else to do except to watch this video. Now that’s clever, isn’t it? That’s the direct

19:50 selling approach.

19:51 Now the indirect selling approach is what we call basically blogging. Now there’s a

19:55 couple of different ways that somebody can indirectly sell on the internet, but one of

20:00 our favorites and we actually modeled this after my partner, Dave Wood. I haven’t introduced

20:05 you to him, but you’re probably going to see some images of him. He’s the long-haired hippy

20:09 looking guy, who lives down in Costa Rica, who actually built his business and discovered

20:14 this money making blogging system back several years ago inside before he really got successful

20:23 inside of his mother’s uh — he was living inside of his mother’s house inside of her

20:26 spare bedroom or whatever, and he discovered that just with a blog he could build a relationship

20:33 with people, and he could post cool content, content that people actually wanted to consume

20:38 and read and that he could build a relationship indirectly with people who came to his blog

20:45 and that they would want to buy because of that.

20:47 Now a blog usually looks something like this. It’s got a little bit more stuff on the page.

20:51 It’s got maybe a banner over here. Maybe it’s got a header up here, and it’s got post all

20:58 through the page. This is the indirect approach.

21:06 Now, another way that you can indirectly sell somebody on the internet is the Amazon model

21:11 or the Walmart model or the retail model to where somebody comes to your website and maybe

21:17 you have a page to where you have a million things that somebody could buy. Maybe you

21:22 have something over here, maybe you have something over here, maybe you have a bunch of — if

21:26 you go to Amazon you can actually see this. You have a bunch of books and a bunch of other

21:30 stuff down here on this page. You’ve probably heard this one before; the people who like

21:34 to buy this also like to buy this, right? There’s a million things that’s perfect for

21:39 the ADD shopper.

21:40 The problem with the indirect selling approach, if you don’t do it correctly, right; a lot

21:46 of people have blogs and here’s the real problem with blogging and Dave Wood can tell you this;

21:50I  can tell you this as well and so can the thousands of people who have ever tried to

21:54 set up a blog. Number one, it’s extremely difficult and I can tell you something; I

21:59 remember back when I first started marketing online I would stay up at night and literally

22:04 be trying to move an image a centimeter to the right and it would take me like three

22:10 hours to do it so number one, it can be extremely difficult to set this up, but you need this.

22:15 You absolutely need this because if you’re not building a relationship and this is where

22:20 you build a relationship with people; if you’re just always trying to sell them something

22:23 then you’re eventually going to run into a problem, and you’re going to wear people down.

22:27 People will really, really, really, really, really, really buy from you and not only buy

22:31 from you but they’ll love you, and you’ll build a relationship with them by blogging

22:36 and creating content on a daily basis. It’s why you see all of the big companies, all

22:40 of the big gurus, all of the really, really influential people they have blogs. The issue

22:46 and the problem that most people have is number one, it’s ridiculously hard to set up and

22:50 number two, first and foremost, a programmer has no idea how to set up good marketing psychology

22:57 on your blog. Most programmers have no clue so it can get very expensive, first and foremost,

23:02 to have it programmed and second of all to find somebody who actually knows what they’re

23:05 doing because I’m going to guess you’re probably not a marketing expert if you’re watching

23:10 this video right now and you maybe. I don’t know. More power to you. I know that I wasn’t

23:13 when I first got started. This can be a very, very difficult thing because of how difficult

23:19 it is to set up.

23:20 Number two, how time consuming it can be, how expensive it can be, but more importantly,

23:26 let’s say that you have all the time in the world and all the money in the world, right?

23:31 If you don’t understand how to inject your blog with the right marketing and sale psychology,

23:38 my friends, your blog is just going to be out there on the internet floating around

23:41 in cyberspace, right? And nobody is going to find it, and if they do find it nobody

23:46 is going to buy because they are going to come to the blog, and it’s just not going

23:50 to be set up correctly.

23:52 So Dave Wood actually about two and a half, three years ago, was walking through the mountains

23:57 in the jungle of Costa Rica, and he had an idea download into his brain, and that idea

24:05 was, what if we could take this system that he used, and this man, the guy who looks homeless,

24:11 the guy who is often underestimated but is a pure genius, use this particular form of

24:17 marketing, this form right here, the indirect blogging approach to not only become the number

24:22 one producer in several network marketing industries prior to discovering the system

24:29 we’re using right here, right now, but he also used this specific formula to make tens

24:36 of thousands of dollars on the internet using exactly what I’m showing you right here, right

24:41 now.

24:42 So the question and the idea that downloaded into his head was what if, what if, I could

24:47 take my business model and simplify it and replicate it across the board so somebody

24:54 who is brand new, somebody who is just getting started, somebody who is maybe a single mom

24:59 or maybe somebody with a full-time job, maybe somebody with no technical experience who

25:03 gets in fist fights with the computer every time that they open it up because they’re

25:06 just so technically challenged, what if, just what if, I could take this particular business

25:12 model that I’ve been so successful with and let other people use it, let other people

25:16 borrow it without all of the set up, without all of the hassle and what if I could inject

25:22 their blog with all of the right marketing and psychology that I understand so that they

25:27 could use it to make sales and build relationships with people on their website?

25:32 Well, low and behold, Dave and I ended up hooking up and what I had mastered was the

25:38 direct selling approach. See I understood how to sell through marketing funnels. I understood

25:42 how to bring people, cold traffic into a marketing funnel and sell high ticket products without

25:48 ever even knowing the person or them ever knowing me before. So we joined forces; we

25:53 joined forces and we built the ultimate system, okay?

25:59 What I want to introduce you and give you the opportunity to buy today for a ridiculously

26:03 low price, right, for a ridiculously low price, I want to give you the opportunity to buy

26:08 what we’ve created and now a 130,000 smart marketers and smart newbie’s as well are using

26:15 today on the internet that we call the viral blogging system. Inside of the viral blogging

26:20 system it’s going to be instantly set up for you. You are going to be able to borrow everything

26:24 that we know, everything that we’ve learned, everything that we’ve experienced, all of

26:29 the mistakes that we’ve made you’ll be able to overcome all of those instantly when your

26:34 blog is instantly set up and ready for you to begin to start to build your business and

26:38 have a presence online.

26:40 Guys, this system is so powerful that it’s not only transformed our life, it’s not only

26:45 allowed us to become some of the most influential people on the internet from scratch but it’s

26:50 also changed and transformed people’s lives all over the world. Again, a 130,000 people

26:54 and by the time you are watching this video it may be much more have made the smart decision

27:00 to start using this system right here and I’d like to introduce you to a few of them

27:04 right now.

27:05 Speaker: My favorite product actually is just the $25 blogging platform because it’s weird.

27:11 People make the decision to get started.

27:12 Speaker: The blogging platform is so amazing because it levels the playing field to people

27:18 who haven’t had that before.

27:19 Speaker: You start out with the blogging platform and it has the eight core commitments and

27:22 it seems like oh, that’s for beginners, it’s not for me but it turns out that like that

27:26 is really important stuff.

27:28 Speaker: It’s everything that you need to step in and to be successful from day one.

27:33 Speaker: You are about to hear a system and see a system that is responsible for an enormous

27:36 amount of wealth online.

27:38 Speaker: It’s simple; plug and play, paint by numbers, step-by-step stuff.

27:42 Speaker: The fact that we’re offering somebody such a highly valuable product for $25 that

27:47 triggers them to get started, it triggers them to take action in their life…

27:51 Speaker: After tapping into this exact system and the formula that you are going to learn

27:55 from Dave, I was able to go from not just making between eight to ten thousand dollars

28:00 a month but literally my largest month ever over seventy thousand dollars in a single

28:06 month.

28:06 Speaker: I can do it from the cab of an 18 wheel truck; you can do it from home. It’s

28:10 a good thing.

28:11 Speaker: It’s the greatest thing that I’ve ever done.

28:14 Speaker: The great thing is you have a system that works, you are going to be shown how

28:18 to drive traffic; you’re going to literally be able to have leads on demand.

28:22 Speaker: We found a way where a system you can literally plug into, do it from home using

28:28 the internet, using your computer to live a lifestyle to be on a yacht like this and

28:34just living and loving life.

28:36 Speaker: After really stumbling across this system and learning how to follow this simple

28:40 formula my lifestyle has changed incredibly.

28:42 Speaker: Using the very system that you are about to get your hands on is incredible.

28:46 My friend, the lifestyle that this system was able to give me is just unbelievable.

28:50 Speaker: I ran across this system and I went to this website and what I saw completely

28:56 changed everything that I thought was possible about making money from home.

28:59 Speaker: This is the system that we plugged into. It works. See you on the other side.

29:03 Speaker: It’s one, two, three. It’s really one, two, three. It’s the easiest thing in

29:07 the world. You get these products, they change you. They change your life.

29:14 [Text displayed in video].

29:16 Speaker: First of all, instant set up of your own viral blog ready for you to begin posting

29:24 content and marketing your business, product or service. You’ll literally be up and running

29:29 within thirty seconds of creating your account. The ability to be able to choose from several

29:31 optimized marketing themes that have been specifically created to include powerfully

29:35 effective sales psychology built right into them. This will ensure you convert visitors

29:40 to your site into paying customers at the highest levels.

29:44 A simple yet powerful search engine optimization smart scoring tool that will automatically

29:49 read each one of your blog posts, and show you in simple text exactly what you need to

29:55 do to include for the best chance of dominating the search engines; this will multiply how

30:01 many people actually find your blog. Marketers actually pay from hundreds even thousands

30:07 of dollars every month for this service. You’re going to get it free.

30:10 Drag and drop technology you can use to easily upload your own custom header and side banners

30:15 to your blog. This does almost everything for you and all you have to do is literally

30:23 drag and drop and click your mouse.

30:26 Built in viral sharing muscle guarantees you get the most exposure from every post that

30:30 you make and compels readers to quickly share your content with ease and excitement. This

30:36 actually means even more traffic to your blog and more potential money in your bank account.

30:40 The most advanced viral commenting system on the internet. You blog comments will show

30:42 up in realtime and inspire even more digital conversations on your site. Remember rave

30:46 revues, lively comments, interaction and more lively content are what people crave on your

30:51blog. It’s what they crave in real life so obviously the internet is kind of a mirror

30:57 of real life. People want to interact, they want to be social. There’s nothing more powerful

31:03 than the social proof coming from other people commenting and interacting on your blog and

31:10 we’ll help you to easily get lots of it every time you post.

31:13 Peace of mind for you; you’ll never have to worry about installing things, setting things

31:21 up or customizing anything unless you want to go add your own header or logo to your

31:26 own blog. We’ll handle that for you. Our skilled programmers, designers, our tech team behind

31:33 the scenes will work around the clock to ensure your blog is always viewable and available

31:39 for your customers.

31:40 [Text displayed in video].

31:42 Speaker: Here’s what else I’d like to give you. It’s kind of like in those commercials

31:48 where they say, wait, there’s more. Well, there really is more.

31:51 Listen; I’ve learned thousands of things since I’ve really started marketing online. I’ve

31:55 become a student of this game. I’ve really become obsessed with how can I learn more

32:01 that can not only enhance my lifestyle but also can enhance the people around me that

32:05 I work with. I’ve got tens of thousands of people travel all over the world working with

32:10 different people so I’m obsessed of learning how I can not only build my business but bigger,

32:16 stronger and grow it faster but also how can I help other people do the same thing so I’ve

32:21 learned literally thousands and thousands of things over the course of the last couple

32:25 of years.

32:26 Here’s the really, really interesting thing and I was talking to Dave Wood about a year

32:31 and a half when we really launched this company and I was asking him what do you think the

32:36 main things are that have helped you make the most money inside of your business and

32:41 what ended up happening from that conversation and Dave and I whenever we get together we

32:45 do everything on a white board, we map stuff out. We’re hilarious. We boiled it down to

32:50 eight things. Eight things out of all of the stuff that we’ve learned that have made us

32:54 the most money inside of our business. What I’d like to do as a bonus is I’d like to when

33:02 you get started right now with the viral blogging system we’re not only going to teach you how

33:06 to blog, we’re going to teach you how to create content. Being involved in our community,

33:11 okay, coming to our events, we’ve put on events with five, six, seven thousand people all

33:17 over the country, we have people that fly from all over the world that come to our events.

33:23 We’re going to show you how to become a better marketer, how to become more persuasive, how

33:28 to become more influential; we going to teach you how to go from wherever you’re at right

33:35 now to really where you want to be to achieve your goals but I also want to give you as

33:41 a bonus right now what we call the eight core steps. Inside of these eight core steps we’re

33:47 going to break down specifically the eight things that we’ve been doing over the course

33:53 of the last couple of years since we’ve got started that have made us the most money online.

34:02 You’ll have instant access to those. They’re in video form as well as some questionnaires

34:08 and downloadable PDF’s. You’ll have instant access to the eight core steps here when you

34:13 decide to buy right now.

34:18 Listen; some of you are also asking yourself as you’re looking at the breakdown and you’re

34:25 really starting to understand how money is made online and I don’t want you to over think

34:31 this. Really keep it simple. You make money online by using what we’ve now simplified

34:36 into the viral blogging system by posting content and then selling products through

34:40 a direct response sales funnel to where you’re building an email list of leads of people

34:47 who you can follow up with and sell them other things and then you’re bringing them to a

34:53 page to where you’re showing them a video and not distracting them with a bunch of other

34:58 stuff, but you may be asking yourself well what if I don’t have products to sell? Maybe

35:04 you’re somebody who is brand new. Maybe you’re just watching this video and maybe you’re

35:09 an accountant, maybe you’re a construction worker like I was; you have no experience

35:15 whatsoever marketing and selling products online.

35:18 Well here’s what I want to offer you, okay because this is special and we’ve helped people

35:23 earn tens of millions of dollars with what I’m about to offer you right now. I want to

35:29 give you the opportunity if you don’t have a product to sell to actually sell our products.

35:36 You can sell the viral blogging system. We have a whole suite of other information and

35:41 educational courses, audios and video courses that you can sell people that have transformed

35:46 people’s lives and when you go through them we’ll transform your life as well. You can

35:50 borrow our pages; we’ll write the copy for you; we’ll create the videos for you. You

35:55 can actually use this video that you’re watching right here right now to sell the viral blogging

36:02 system and here’s the kicker is we’ll pay you all of the money minus the merchant account

36:07 fees. We’ll pay you all of the money, 100% commissions minus the merchant account fees

36:12 because obviously when you process a credit card and stuff like that it costs money to

36:21 process those fees.

36:22 Guys, this and this will put you in a place that most people can only dream of and I’d

36:29 like to offer you the viral blogging system today for a ridiculously low price and truthfully,

36:34 when Dave and I went back and forth, when we were actually launching and creating this

36:40 system, we really went back and forth whether we wanted to charge $297 a month, $197 a month;

36:45 you know at a point we were actually going to charge $99 a month truthfully because everything

36:50 that we include in this, all the money that you save, all of the time that you absolutely

36:55 slash out of your learning curve and technical curve and all that stuff is well worth it

37:00 and you’d be stealing it for $99 a month, but what we’ve decided to do is offer this

37:07 to you right here right now because look; I know what it’s like to be in a situation

37:12 to where maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you don’t have millions of dollars or

37:19 live in a five thousand square foot mansion. Maybe you haven’t gotten started yet, now,

37:22 right? I want to offer you the viral blogging system right here right now for the discounted

37:27 price of $25 a month. You’re literally stealing it. We’re not even selling it and if you decide

37:36 to also sell our products you can earn 100% of the commissions and that’s only $19.95

37:39 a month. That’s optional. You do not have — if you already have your own products that

37:43 you want to sell using your viral blogging system and you want to go and create your

37:49 own funnels and stuff like that, guys, we’ll teach you how to do that. It’s no problem

37:51 and no sweat off of our back.

37:54 What I really want you to focus on and what I really want to teach you right now is that

38:05 if you start to get your voice and your story out there through blogging, through creating

38:15 content, I’m going to tell you something; not only will you become somebody who’s influential,

38:22 not only will it help you overcome some of the things that you need to overcome in life

38:31 by going out there and sharing who you are but guys, when you go and start to blog and

38:41 you start to create content and post and share your story and teach things and share your

38:46 business not only are you going to inspire people not only are people going to start

38:51 transforming around you but your bank account is going to transform. When you learn to market

38:58 on the viral blogging system like we know how to market and like we’re going to teach

39:05 you inside of the eight core steps and inside of our educational courses and programs, inside

39:11 of our business, guys, I’m going to tell you something; in a year from now, maybe even

39:16 sooner, maybe 30 days from now, I know people who have gotten started right now, right,

39:21 within 30 days are making more income than they have made in their entire life then sometimes,

39:26 sometimes you’ve got to make a decision sometimes just like I was in that bathroom back five

39:33 years ago when I could have gone left but I decided to go right and change my life.

39:39 Now I’ve been clean and sober for over five years. I got my family back in my life. I’ve

39:47 earned the trust and the support of people not only in my community but all over the

40:01 world. I’ve spoken on stages and I’ve shared my story to thousands of people, right, to

40:08 inspire and impact them to move and overcome the things in their life.

40:13 Guys, my dad, who was in a similar situation financially anyways a couple of years ago,

40:23 I was able to take him on his dream vacation up to the mountains of Colorado to go skiing

40:29 for a week. This was just a couple of months ago.

40:31 My mom wrecked her car, right; actually, somebody wrecked into her, drove right up into her

40:36 driveway, believe it or not, and drove right into her car. He was drunk or something. She

40:41 didn’t know what she was going to do because of the financial burden that that had put

40:47 on her. Well, guys, I was able to come back from vacation and it was actually back right

40:54 after the vacation that I took my dad on and I flew, drove right to my mom’s house, took

41:06 her right to the car dealership and bought her a car, cash.

41:15 My daughter, who is 13 years old, just recently, spring break, I asked her where she wanted

41:24 to go for spring break. She could have gone anywhere in the world. She told me she wanted

41:37 to go to Washington D.C. so I took her up there and we spent a week walking around the

41:45 memorial. She’s interested in Holocaust, you know, the events and we went there and we

41:55 studied that.

41:55 Friends, I’m going to tell you something that when you step forward and decide to take action

42:07 and do something different to get around people who know how to make things happen, who understand

42:15 how to make money, who understand how money is made online, I’m going to tell you something;

42:28 your life can transform, but the decision is on you. The decision that took me from

42:44 where I was to where I am at has always been mine, and the minute that I took responsibility for that decision

43:08 is when my life transformed. So what I want to challenge you to do right here, right now

43:42 is to decide, is to cut all of the stinkin-thinkin, cut all of the previous thoughts or ideas

43:55 you had about what you can and can’t do and erase all of that and realize that you can do anything that you want to

44:51 do especially when you have the right tools, the right information and the right

46:02 people around

46:19 you who are going to inspire

48:01 you and teach you exactly what you need to do to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

48:52 My friend, I’ll see you right here, right now. There’s a button below this video; click

48:55 it. Click it right now, join, decide to buy, and I’ll see you personally inside the back

49:03 office here in a second. Bye bye!

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