Comedian Colin Kane Review

Some people may get offended by this comedian Colin Kane he is a real dick.

Watch the video below as someone in the crowd reacted to Colin Kane’s show.

Now to Give a Real Review of Comedian Colin Kane

I never heard of this comedian Colin Kane before My friend Lisa King told me about him. She had some free tickets to his show at the Miami Improv. Lisa met him before and showed me one of his Youtube videos. When i saw the video i was laughing my ass off. Colin Kane is originally from New York like myself so I totally understood his hard core language. This guy is a MUST see Live on Stage & Connect with comedian Colin Kane on his Youtube Channel and “like” him on Facebook. We had a GREAT night out. If you want to get out and laugh harder then you have in a long time I would recommend to get to one of his shows. And for the ladies my fiancee was cracking up she laughed so hard she told me the next day her abs hurt. comedian colin kane


What does that mean ? Comedian Colin Kane is fuckin Funny go see him

Comedian Colin Kane is a Badass that Appreciates His Fans

comedian Colin Kane


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