David Wood Mentioned Jay Brown Bulldog Marketer on Empower Hour Call

Another Great call on the Empower Hour Call with David Wood.  Listen to the July 8th 2013 replay by dialing 209-255-1049 pin 498575# Will be available till July 15th. David Wood mentioned Jay Brown Bulldog Marketer for taking the role of a leader and getting his team and other Empower Network members to the upcoming event in Denver “Don’t Be A Wussy” 2013

Every Monday We Have Our Empower Hour Call

On the Empower Hour Call they have the top leaders in the Empower Network talk about mindset training, marketing training team building and many other subjects. Some of the Empower Network leaders of the past Empower Hour call include Vick Strizheus, David Wood, David Sharpe, Justin Verrengia, D Verrengia, Alex Zubarev, Tony Rush, Jon Mroz, Nicole Cooper, Tracey Walker, Aaron & Sophia Rashkin, Shaqir Hussyin, Laura Parrish, Lawrence Tam, Layla & Toby Black and Chris Rocheleau. I’m sure i missed quite a few of the many Empower Network leaders, not on purpose.

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