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Eddie Murphy – [Net Worth]  $85 Million

A 2.5-acre estate that once belonged to Eddie Murphy is now on the market for $US12 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Sacramento, Calif mansion features 10 bedrooms,(including one with Shrek-themed decor), a 12-seat screening room, a gourmet kitchen, a billiard room, an arcarde parlor, four bars, and a large gym with a sauna and steam room.

Marble floors and rich carpets are only a small part of the quality equipment. The outdoor area includes an infinity pool, spa, waterfalls, pavilions, a basketball as well as a tennis court. 14 bathrooms, , tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a 9-car garage.

Did you get all that?

The Murphys sold it to real estate investor Patrick K. Willis back in 2007, when Eddie and his ex-wife Nicole were finalising their divorce.

Willis paid $US6.1 million for the mansion, which is still the largest residential purchase for the Sacramento area.

It’s currently listed with NRS Luxury Estates.

Willis reportedly never moved into the house, and the decorations that the Murphys had originally chosen remain in place.

The mansion is situated on 2 and a half acres of land in the Granite Bay suburb of Sacramento.

The entrance is wide and dramatic on approach.


Inside, lots of purple details grab your attention.

In one corner stands a Schimmel Pegasus piano designed by Luigi Colani, one of only a few of its kind in the world.

Upstairs, the master bedroom offers sweeping views of the surrounding hills, especially from the elevated bed.

The master bathroom is pretty huge, though remember it’s only one of 14 bathrooms in the house.

The 1,200-square-foot gym even has a sauna and steam room.

Playing in the fully stocked arcade is another way to spend your downtime.

Movie screening room.

The mansion and its pool look even bigger from the backyard.

But the view is truly awesome.

What a mansion right?

If you had a spare $12 Million would you buy it?

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