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Loss her home to foreclosure claimed bankruptcy twice but that did Not stop Tracey Walker. Now #1 Female income earner in Empower Network Tracey Walker was interviewed on ABC news in Chicago. Tracey Walker talks about how to start online business & home based businesses on channel 7 news.

Tracey Walker was introduced to the industry of Network Marketing in January of 2007 In late 2007 Tracey Walker then started her online marketing education. Tracey Walker is a internet marketing expert. Tracey wanted to work online so she can leverage herself working from home but still be able to reach the masses. She did a google search on how to work from home. And from there she opened up a whole new world.

Tracey Walker says when starting a online business

you have many different options. Some online businesses you may want to look at is affiliate marketing & info marketing which may lead you into creating your own product down the road.  What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a product or a service that someone has already created and you market that product to the people that would be interested. Walmart, Target, Bank of America and many others the list goes on you can scroll down to the bottom of company’s website to find the link if they have that program available. What is Info marketing ? Info Marketing means you are actually marketing information products that teach you “How to do” what it is you are looking for. Its similar to promoting college information to your friends & family.

The average home based business to get started with is around $5,000

The 5 things suggested on how to start online

#1 Decide if you want to be your own boss – You have to be flexible there is no one there pushing you out of bed to make you money. You need to be accountable on yourself and what you do depends on you.

the future depends on what you do today

the future depends on what you do today

#2 Find a mentor in the area of online business you are looking to get started in. You can do research or you can get started with us today there is no successful person out there that has not found someone that has not done it themselves already.

tracey walker on abc news

# 3 Do what is instructed by your mentor. People will find a mentor but will do the complete opposite of what they say and wonder why they don’t have results. Listen to what they have to say and follow the instructions of the mentor.

#4 Construct a feasible game plan for success. Most people start a online business part-time. Create a time when you are going to work the business. Create real goals and income goals for yourself that are reachable and you can attain them.

#5 Repeat until Results are achieved. Keep doing it Don’t Quit, NEVER give up You will face challenges in anything you do. Set your mind on the positive goals you made for yourself.











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