(FUNNY) How I Got a Picture with Chuck Liddell at Tony Robbins event in Fort Lauderdale

The Story Behind Chuck Liddell picture at Tony Robbins Event

The Ice Man Chuck Liddell awesome fighter & humble guy

I was standing by my chair waiting for the right time to take a quick break as Tony Robbins was speaking. 

Then I saw Chuck Liddell get up and leave the room. So I wound up meeting him in the bathroom. 

It was kind of awkward. I was standing at the urinal next to Chuck Liddell, looking straight at wall and said “hey chuck” and continued to finish peeing I washed my hands he washed his and then as we were both leaving the bathroom I tapped him on the shoulder and said “I know I’m not suppose to ask or bother you but can i get a quick piche said sure.
I thanked him and he ran back into event. 

The point of this post is when… 
You are Giving an Opportunity
Don’t Give it Up because
Someone told You
You Can’t Do It! 

Take Massive Action toward Your Goals and Do What it Takes.


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