How to Create your Call to Action Overlay Free Youtube Ads



How to create your call to action overlay on youtube. Free Youtube ads
How to Create a Call-to-Action Overlay

This will help drive more traffic to help you get more Sales & Leads for any product, business opportunity, training, etc that you would like to get more traffic to.

Steps to Create a Call to Action Overlay for Youtube Videos

You have to make sure that you have an Adwords Account set up with Google. 
If you already have an account with Google then you can just skip to the next section, but if you don’t then just go to and create an account.

This is where you will create your google adwords Video campaign

Link your Your Youtube videos to your adwords account

Create a “dummy” video campaign ad

Finally go to Your Youtbe video and add the Call-to-Action overlay

I use a Free Tool to screen shot images, the tool I use is Jing

Download Jing (Screen capture)

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