How to Improve Your Video SEO Youtube Video Marketing.

How to Improve Your SEO Video Marketing

To start improving your SEO video marketing you first need to start making videos & upload the videos to youtube. There are a few different ways to record a video and upload to Youtube.  I prefer using my Iphone to record videos but in this example I’m going to use Quicktime player on my Mac book pro. Start by recording a video 30 seconds or longer. Then you will export your video as a 720 HD movie. save as long tail keyword go to youtube & upload file

Focus on people first:
If your video has poor sound quality, or boring you’re not going to keep them for any longer then a few seconds.

Make sure you before uploading your video to youtube you want to do keyword research using the keyword planner tool in Google. I tend to target long tail keyword phrases usually 3 or more words together. You want to save your video as the long tail keyword (Example  then put your keyword phrase in your video Title, Description, and tags.

Write Keyword rich titles and make sure they are compelling enough to make someone want to click on it. That brings me to other tip you want to make your video interactive and social. If you are teaching you want your audience to ask questions and give them the “call to action” to click to get more info or buy. You can have your Facebook profile or page in description for backlinking and also as a call to action

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Keyword – “name video long tail keyword”


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