How to Rank with Top Marketers in Contests

‘The #1 way to get yourself on the Leader boards is BELIEVE You will be there. Set & Focus on your goal.  What number do you want to be in the contest? My set number is #37 What i need to do is Just focus on doing what I already know how to do. Make sales and get my team to the event. That’s it.

 The first step is getting into the Top 200.

203 leader







It felt So Good when I saw this, I was right there to be part of the top 200. it helped believe that i will do it. Being in the Top 200 is no small achievement when you take into account we have over 120,000+ members currently in the Empower Network

Then I continued and found myself in the top 100. I decided what i wanted and took Massive action.

#99 on Empower Network leader board







Staying focused and still moving up the #92 on leader board
Empower network leaderboard

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