How to Sell Using Video

You don’t need to be a tech guru to have results using video. By the end of this blog post you will understand how to sell using video. One of the main things like any thing is to be consistent with doing your videos on a dailly basis.You don’t want it to take all day. You should not waste your time editing your videos. As time goes on you will improve. The people that get results are the people that take action on the information they learn, not just the people that are constantly being a student. I’m a victum of doing that. “The people that follow assignments are the people that get the results they want” Don’t just sit there and absorb what you want you must take massive action and teach what you have learned.

#1 thing to do in the begining of a video is break people’s distractions and capture their attention. How do you do that? Leave an open loop. What the heck is an open loop ? An open loop is telling your viewers that are watching the video the benefits of watching the whole video to the end. Example is “Imagine what it will be like to become a speaker on stage and you will understand how to do that when you watch til the end of this video”

Pace through the different personality levels. Pacing is using stories that will give everyone in the room (your target market) reasons to listen to you. When you use a personal example from your own life to go thru the different types of people you are speaking to. Its a way to relate to each type of person or avatar. This is how people will relate to your story to begin to trust you because they may have a similar story

Embedded commands – Inserting a command into a question or sentence without giving a direct instruction. Example: “I remember a time when I decided to buy, a few years back, when I was sitting there and I was looking at a button. I looked at that button and I said to myself‘ I’ve got to click that button and buy. Because if I don’t, I might not get the result that I want. Imagine what will happen though if I decide to buy and take action now. Wonder what will happen.’ And I did”

Sell through teaching on your videos and deliver the value to then leave an open loop to  tell people to take action because they can not possibly learn unless you buy. if you sell through action assignments on what you are teaching.Example buy the blogging system to put your videos on and back link to

Logical pattern to sell through video. Example  $3,500 is A LOT of money you may be saying to yourself. Now when i saw that figure i said the same thing. But if you look at it this way how much does a doctor pay for the information to become a doctor ? With this information in the $3,500 Costa Rica Mastermind you ill have the ability to make as much as a doctor or more without seeing 17-20 patients a day. That is an example of a logic pattern 


The top 3 Reasons why you should learn how to be good on video

1 – if you want to be a good speaker, talking on video helps build the convinced and put your dumb videos on youtube. Stay focus and preserve People will like you for who you are when you relax and be who you are. keep your message the same in your messages  be cons

2. Social proof when you do videos you start to become a “rock star” figure. You will have it when you do videos, If you are new go to an event and do videos with leaders get social proof



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