I Got Choked Out for $15k

Yes its True I got choked out for my  Empower Network $15k Formula. I went to my first Empower Network event in Chicago in April 2013 (Get Money Event). I was unsure of the direction i was headed with Empower Network until that event. At that event I had a number of breakthroughs in my business & personal life. It made me realize what i was destined to do with my life & business – Help as Many People as Possible.

Also at the event one of my mentors & my sponsor Lawrence Tam asked me when am I going to get serious and get the $15k Formula. I told him within 1 month, the problem was I was struggling financially. Many different things going on in my personal & business life. I had many choices to make & make them quickly. We’ll get into those issues in a later blog post. So i needed to come up with an extra $1,000 for the $15k formula. At the Get Money event I discovered how to “empty my cup” get rid of the bullshit & think positive no matter what is going on in my life. I did that and exactly 2 days after the event i got home and received this text message.


Greatest Text Message to Receive

I Had 2 problems
#1 I only weighed 173 lbs I needed to be at least 180 to fight and I had to gain 7 lbs in 2 days. It was not something i wanted to do because to gain that kind of weight you have to eat A LOT of crappy food.

#2 I only had 3 days to train to fight a guy 6’1 that normally weighs 205 lbs & I weigh 173 lbs at 5’8 Oh and he was a black belt in jiu jitsu. And I have not fought or trained in years

I Weighed in For the Fight

At weigh in I was very nervous about not making weight. I gained weight and then loss it quickly over the pass 2 days. Most of it was water weight. My first day it took me 8-10 hours to gain 3 lbs of water weight and then that night i lost the weight in 60 minutes of training, the wrestling mat was soaked. the next day I put the weight back on and then some. But I day of weigh in I was still short of weighing in at 180 I was only about 177 lbs At weigh in I wore shorts with big side pockets, big enough to fit a 3 lb weight on each side. All of a sudden I now weighed  183 lbs at weigh in. “No Excuses Do What It Takes”


>>>>Click Here to See the Results & Video after the Fight<<<<<



You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind to Doing.
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