Is the Visalus BMW program a scam? Why Did I Trade in my Visalus BMW?

Visalus BMW Program Scam or Bonus

The Visalus BMW program is NOT a Scam it is Real but it is Also NOT Explained correctly when presented. If  You are looking to join Visalus and you are looking to join because of the Visalus BMW program bonus i recommend you ask for the exact details of the Visalus BMW bonus program or be sure to read the exact details of how to qualify and STAY qualified to receive your bonus every month for the Visalus BMW

Visalus BMW Program or Scam ? Why i traded in my Visalus BMW


I was Doing Great in Vialsus. I was qualified for the Visalus BMW program for 2 years straight. Things were good but not so good i was Burnt Out. If i was not going to challenge parties or doing challenge parties for my team they were not doing the challenge parties themselves. I had a few leaders that would do their own challenge parties but in reality the Visalus leader / leaders ALWAYS need to be at a challenge party to help their team. Where is the FREEDOM in that? People need to taste the product think about it i would hear Oh “it cost to much”. REALLY?? but you just ate out and that cost how much? Now You can’t afford $1.65 for a shake.  When a customer bought a Visalus package for $49, $99 $199 $249 or $299 per month I was only getting 10%- rarely 25%. I was BURNT OUT & Working my Ass off for pennies. I decided to make the switch & started to make 100% commissions.


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