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Getting Started TRAINING First Things First

Welcome to Jeunesse
We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.
Make sure to get through this Getting Started Training (GST) immediately to ensure your success and fast turn around on profit.
Please find out who your upline is!!
Ask your sponsor/Enroller for 3 people above you.
Make sure you send them a FB Friend request and ALWAYS introduce yourself in a message & Lock arms with them. It is very important to utilize your up-line for help with questions or issues and encouragement. We need to make sure you are consistently receiving the most accurate and up to date information.

TIP of the Day Call Monday – Friday 1pm EST / 10am PST
712-432-0900 pin 649627#    Last Call REPLAY 712-432-0990 pin 649627#


New to the industry? Want the RIGHT start? Expectations?

1. MAKE A LIST of influencers!

Make a list of 50 – 100 people you can personally contact (warm market) to share what you are up to IE: Hey Sherry I have always admired the fact that you are always up with the latest trends and have your thumb on the pulse of what’s new~ you have to just listen to this call for me and tell me what you think!! Hey Bob- I started a new small business and I have always Completely admired your work ethic, business knowledge and go getter attitude so I HAD to reach out to you! Favor? Please just listen to this call and tell me what you think? Your opinion means a lot to me.

You are Watching many many professional marketers who have built a following over YEARS bring people in left and right. This is PROBABLY not going to happen to you. But let me ask you~ if it takes you a year to Make 6 Figures will it be worth it? If you were Hired somewhere and they told you in a year if you don’t give up and stay the course we will pay you $100k a year~ would you stay?

Be a student of those who have done it and learn everything you can. Get on one on one calls, book 3 way calls with your prospects and a leader and just listen to what we say and Watch videos and listen to training calls.

It is said the average person hears 10 No’s before they get a yes. Are you documenting your daily production? What Income  generating activities are you doing and for how long? Track it. Make sure you have a list of EVERYONE who ever commented interest to you. Many people need 3 exposures before leaping.

You have to do a lot to the ground before a beautiful garden grows. DRIP DRIP DRIP plant seeds every where and love on that garden.

LASTLearn about the products but don’t be the scientist – use the tools don’t be the tool. Go to your personal website read up on each of the products. Just the basic information is all you need to know. Don’t get wrapped up in all the details. BE IGNORANCE ON FIRE!!!!! When questions come up learn as you go contact your upline or group leaders.

#1 Jeunesse Fast Track to Success Webinar
This Webinar drops all the keys to success with
us that you will ever need
Grab a pen and paper. Watch–> 
Getting Started Video


#2 Get YourAmazing Team Marketing Site to help you generate leads and Back office Login Link!

What does the team marketing site do ?

Get your lead generator EXCLUSIVE to team only!
Lucky you, you chose the right team!!
Our online marketing site effective is now $1.00 for a 7 day Trial
After 7 days, it’s $20.00/mo.

To Log into your marketing tool back office to follow up with the leads who have opted into your site and get access to the marketing links available to you


# 3 How do I launch my new business?
Launching your NEW business is by far the MOST important part of your success in this industry.
You can make or break your start with how you launch.
These are my tips and what I have learned from numerous mentors and leaders in the industry.

PRE-LAUNCH in the first 24 hrs into 3-4 days.
(Longer if you are launching a team with you) Prelaunch is a major dripping time.
You are going to post on your social media outlets things like:
– I have partnered up with a powerhouse company and I am very excited about my future.
– I am looking for entrepreneurs like myself who are ready to work hard and have fun and be front line to myself. Message me for details.
– Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Me too! SO EXCITED!
These are all dripping techniques.
Then in 24 hours you make an announcement.
Remember high energy, excitement and most of all FUN.
In the first 24- 48 hours sign up for the 2 minute video marketing lead generator and send that link to 100 people.  **DON’T SPAM on FB in Chat**
Start a Conversation with people  and Always Ask permission to send them the 2 minute video

**Do not pre judge**
If they have hands and a face send!

Download scripts if you don’t have them

Get training done ASAP.
You won’t and Don’t Need to understand everything but the pieces of the puzzle will begin to take shape soon enough.
Get on a welcome call with your enrollers mentor ASAP.
Listen to what they say and be coachable.
We are all here for your success.
FOLLOW UP & DRIP. He who exposes the most gets the most.

#4 Listen to this amazing getting started in success call.

#5 Facebook Training
You are building a brand- Building somebody someone else wants to follow
~ DO NOT debate the news, politics, religion ect. It can be very hard just don’t do it.
~ When people go to your page what do they see?
~ What is your cover photo? It needs to be something inspirational. Something that tells them your why, what your goals are ect.
~ What is your profile picture? Is it you? It needs to be a professional picture- you , you and your team, you and your spouse, you and your kids.. but you.
~ What does your feed look like? – Do you play games on Facebook? That is fine but hide them. – Needs to be equal business and life. Incorporate business into life posts.
– Do not let you feed look like an infomercial.
– Be very careful what you are liking. If you are liking a page or a status it will bump it into your friends feed.
– Crack jokes- keep it light and funny
– Do Not complain or be negative it turns people off.
– If you are angry walk away from Facebook. Put a positive spin on it. Take the high road
– Be the leader
– Cheer on your friends and your team- comment on everyones posts business or not. If you don’t see them them they don’t see you.
~ Exposure – Ask for the sale. If they are interested but are waiting till “Friday” make sure they know it is prime placement and people are placed as they come in. You may have a rockstar signing up at 5:00 that day.. Do they really want to miss out on that person being under them?

Marketing Strategies

Social media webinar by Dani McDermott

One of my #1 recommendations is a system




that I’ve been apart of since 2009

 Looking for a Strong Mentor and Team in Jeunesse ????

Thank You &
Have a Fantastic Day 

Procrastination is the #1 killer of success – Don’t Wait – Act
Now. It’s the only way to make a change in Your life.


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