My first MMA pro fight

Former Boxer turns to MMA

I grew up in Brooklyn New York. I was bullied when i was a kid. Then when i was 12 yrs old my cousin taught me how to box & defend myself against bullies. Had many fights on the streets in brooklyn new york from age 12 – 19 years old. When i was 19 i moved down to Fort Lauderdale Florida and on my 21st birthday i had my first fight inside of a boxing ring. Right there I was hooked, i said to myself  “i can fight inside of a club? its legal? i don’t after worry about getting arrested? I’m doing this EVERY week and I did!!!! Every Monday night for about 3 years

fight time 14 fight time promotions

Why did Former Boxer turn to Professional MMA

I never had a MMA fight, pro or amateur. Then why did i decide to fight Vitor Schlosser professional black belt in jitsu 6’1 that normally weighs 205lbs & I weigh 173 lbs at 5’8 ? Because I’m not a Wussy!!!! Plus $1,000 just to show minus expenses/licenses. 6 fighters backed out of fighting Vitor Schlosser.  To fight Jay Brown, Vitor Schlosser had to cut weight under 184 lbs and Jay Brown needed to bring  weight up to at least 180 lbs in 2 days & train for the first pro fight. I gained 8 lbs in 2 days. It was not good weight that was gained- eating pasta, pizza & other CRAP plus drinking Lots of water the weight was gained in time. Now I need to get on back on my 90 day challenge to lose the weight and get cut up.

JAY "Bulldog" BROWN VS VITOR SCHLOSSER weigh in MMA fight time promotions Fort Lauderdale Vitor Schlosser vs Jay Bulldog Brown Fight time 14 with Fight time promotions in Fort Lauderdale at the War memorial 4/26/13

 My First MMA pro fight

Kaizen Martial Arts Academy in Fort lauderdaleGood thing i stay in touch with my friends from the fight club days. Jason Kelly a coach with American Top team Fort Lauderdale helped me train for the 2 days before the Fight time 14 fight in Fort Lauderdale against Vitor Schlosser. Last minute notice master John Perry(in pic) owner of Kaizen MMA Martial Arts Academy in Fort Lauderdale was my corner man for the fight. Big Thank You to both Jason Kelly & John Perry for the last minute help.

Results of the Fight

I was not sure how it was going to go. I was expecting him to just go straight to the ground but we exchange some shots, he threw a few kicks & knees. I caught him with a few punches then i put my head down  he took me to the ground i got some punches in before I tapped (it wasn’t worth being put to sleep)  lost in the 1st round….. but I GOT PAID !!!!!





I Might Have Lost the Fight but I was Given A LOT of Respect for having the Balls to step in the Ring with Vitor Schlosser when 6 other professionals did not want to. I give all the MMA fighters a lot of respect for doing what they do and putting themselves, body & health on the line to do what they do as a career. I’ll stick to my internet marketing career and Get Paid 100% commissions without getting my ass whipped.
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