Offline Marketing Strategy With POST-IT NOTES | offline post-it note marketing

Offline Marketing Strategy with Post-it Notes

This offline marketing strategy with post-it notes is great way to get leads quickly and the material is cheap.

All need is a pre-made stamp and post-it notes, you can get the stamp at office max, office depot, staples etc…

The cost of the stamp and post-it notes are about $35 in total. So go get started today and start getting leads today. There is no reason why you should be complaining about no leads. If you are then take action today and start this offline marketing strategy TODAY!!

I’d Like to Thank Larry Beachman for this offline marketing strategy.


A good Lead is someone who is looking for more.

There are Many other Offline Marketing Strategies

Find networking groups in your area, Classified Ads, Direct Mail/Postcards, Telemarketing, Ad Magazines, Value-Paks, Door Hangers,

Business Shows/Trade Show Booth – A great place to capture leads. Again, a free report or gift does wonders.Renting a booth at a business show gives you a small corner of the world to promote your business to other business people and the local market.Stock your table with business flyers, business cards, promotional items and sample products.Offer a contest prize giveaway to get people to sign up for free mailing lists or monthly newsletters.

My favorite offline marketing strategy is bandit sign marketing.

What is bandit sign marketing? I go into details on how to do Bandit sign marketing  for your business. Click Here to Read & watch that post



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