Secret Facebook Webinar Recording

Here it is the Secret Facebook webinar recording from Mike Hobbs & Jessica Higdon

YES… the First minute the screen is black  there is Nothing wrong with your computer just WAIT 1 minute

Secret Facebook Webinar when you have No ad budget

When I first started in Network Marketing I stumbled into the social media world! Myspce Tagged etc.. I found out fast the difference between the people making money with social media  and the people who didn’t make money! The ones that were actively engaging their friends and started conversations were the ones making the money. Most people think you just spam your link all over Facebook… HA never worked for me but once i started using techniques like Jessica teaches that you can get Here The information Jessica Higdon will teach you in the 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula will give you that exact process of actually making a profit from your marketing on social media! I believe this training is so valuable & will help anyone on my team and anyone in any other MLM or Direct Sales company


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