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This is a TRUE STORY (with a very weird twist) about two "dudes" who… before they made millions online should have been dead… banished from society… and long forgotten about.

Nothing about the lives of these two men were "glamorous"….

….one of them almost died from a crippling drug addiction

….one of them lived in a van and showered on public beaches…

….and they were broke, broken, and hopeless.

Then their lives took a very weird twist.

And instead of going on living meaningless and mediocre lives like 99% of people do…

They discovered something no one could have predicted, and it changed everything for them – and it will change everything for you, too.

And today, these two ex-homeless "outcasts" are making every teacher, police officer and ex-girlfriend who ever wrote them off….

Eat Their F*cking Heart Out.

The story starts back in the summer of 2011 where these 2 "dudes" met over a lunch table in Costa Rica overlooking the ocean and decided to lock arms and join forces to start a company with one purpose and one purpose only …. 

To Empower people to get results in their business.

What's happened over the last 2 years has been nothing short of just that.

Over 160,000 customers.
Over $70,000,000 in sales.
Tens-of-thousands of businesses transformed.
Tens-of-thousands of lives changed, forever.

We've created one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms on the Internet.

And for the first time ever – 'Average Joes' started creating content, sharing their message and promoting their business online…

…..without all the hassles and overwhelm of setting up a bunch of useless technical "crap" that has nothing to do with your bottom line.

And tons of these regular people (just like you) started getting results and making money – most for the first time ever.

However, that's all about to change. Because in just over 24 hours (at 3pm EST tomorrow) something much BIGGER and much BETTER is launching.

Something so powerful and game-changing the marketing industry will never be the same again.

Ask yourself….

"What if you could set up a new blog or website faster than a FB profile?"

"What if you could manage all your blogs from one place and update or add new content on any one of them from one simple interface?"

"What if you could set-up a blog or website, and add a new custom domain name in 5 minutes or less?"

"What if you had a blog or website that already had million dollar sales psychology built right into it?"

"What if all the 'viral architecture' you needed to make your content go viral came stock with your blog right out of the box?"


"What if you could instantly publish content to your blog right from your mobile phone?"

Imagine shooting a video on your smart phone, pushing a button and posting it straight onto your website…..without ever having to fool with embed codes or opening your laptop.

Imagine snapping a picture and publishing it to your site without ever having to turn on your computer.

Imagine being able to TALK into your phone's microphone and see your dictated article on your personal website in moments…all without having to fight with WordPress or know anything about H1, H2 and H3 tags…

It's the future.

And it's here.

Because there's about to be an easier, simpler and more powerful way for you to get YOUR message out on the Internet (and sell A LOT more of your product, too)

From a little idea that has already put millions of dollars in the pockets of hundreds-of-thousands of people all over the world…

And it's about to get MUCH BETTER.

GO here now and see for yourself:

I promise, what you're going to see will open your eyes, entertain you (maybe even SHOCK you).


– Jason Brown
BeastMode: "ON"

(Image of my little brother hayden and me at Marina Mirage, Gold Coast Australia)

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    November 22, 2017

    Your site has proven useful to me.

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