EXPOSED – The Truth about MLM Companies and How You Get Paid in MLM Companies

Empower Network Leader Aaron Rashkin Shares The Truth of MLM Companies & Your Commissions

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Empower Network leader Aaron Rashkin  tells what MLM companies REALLY do with the MLM reps commissions, How mlm companies treat their reps. Are you treated like an employee of the company or an INDEPENDANT representative. The Juicey secrets are revealed.

The Truth about MLM companies and how you get paid in MLM companies revealed. Aaron Rashkin has been in the network marketing industry for over 2 decades. He has been in and seen his share of companies, MLM, direct sales, top tier etc… You get the picture. When Aaron first heard of Empower Network he was not sure if it was for him or not, Like many of you reading & watching this video may feel the same but after doing his research and getting to know the vision behind Dave & Dave (founders) and what they wanted to do he was “ALL In” like myself.  Top Earners Sophia & Aaron Rashkin have been with Empower Network almost since the beginning.
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