What is in the IPAS System Kit

The IPAS kit is an offline packet of information on How to start your Online marketing business from home. There are 2 DVDs included that goes over the system and business. You get also a workbook to follow along with the DVDs and take notes, booklet that breaks down products included and how we pay out 100% commission. It also explains the personal business assistant (PBA) to help you close you leads into sales & upgrade their package. Once they are in your PBA will train them for you and set up a coaching call to speak with them. Even if you a newbie to the business and/or industry your PBA will make you look and feel like an advanced expert.

IPAS Premium Starter Kit

– 2x iPAS DVD Presentation

– iPAS Business Guide

– iPAS Product Guide

– Personal Business Coaching Session

– iPAS Product Brochure

– iPAS Business System Workbook


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