What is Your favorite TV show. My Undercover Boss Review

undercover boss toby bost from o'neil clothing


The CEO of O’Neil Clothing line the headquarters is in Irvine, California CEO Toby Bost decided he needed to get out in the field and see what is going on within his company & how he can improve customer service, market and sell the O’neil brand

Annual revenue exceeding 200 million dollars O’neil clothing is an action sports company that specializing in apparel like board shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, flip flops if you can wear it they make it at O’neil. O’neil has 60 years of surf history. Jack O’neil was an inventor he invented the wet suit in 1952 and invented the surf leash and figured out how to market his brand uniquely. You can find O’neil surf shops across the nation they currently have 12 stores & looking to double their business in the next 3-5 years

Toby Bost dad was an orthopedic surgeon and he was suppose to follow in his dad’s footsteps but he did not want to. He fell in love with action sports and did not want to wear a suit & tie to work. Looking to have that fun experience doing stuff he loved to do and making money doing it.

In this Undercover boss Episode CEO Toby Bost goes undercover as Fredrick a guy from Utah having a mid-life crisis wanting to own & open a surf shop. The first O’neil clothing store Toby visits as Undercover boss is in Las Vegas. He starts working as a seasonal sales rep and Jesus was also a seasonal sales rep only working there for a month. Jesus had poor employee skills and was bad mouthing the clothing line. He asked Frederick/ Toby if he thought about opening a pot dispensary? This guy was bad for business, he came from a broken home, and Toby Bost felt sorry for him. So he did not know what to do with him but dug deeper into his life. Come to find that Jesus has never had a father figure in his life.

Next day Undercover Boss Toby Bost CEO of O’neil met with Jorge, a screen-printer who makes the shirt logos for O’Neill. The instructions from the designers were not always clear. Jorge is a good hard worker of 16 years and knows his stuff. Jorge has 6 kids one of his children who is very ill. His wife has to take care of them while he works so much. They talked about their families with each other. He loves the company but has a positive outlook on everything & life. Toby Bost felt his pain and realized that Jorge was very valuable to the O’neil company

The next day, he tried his skills on the sales floor in Anaheim, at the flagship store. He met with assistant manager Desiree, who showed him how to make the stock appealing to the customers. She had her own ideas, but did not have any company guidelines from the merchandising team. As a back-to-school promotion, she had associates wear backpacks, and they sold very well. She had some good ideas, but does not think Toby is the type to own this type of store. Toby loved her idea of sales re competition She is a single mother of a 5 year going through a divorce and a dedicated worker. Toby was very impressed with her focus on her job

At the last stop at Commerce, he was sent to see Mike, a stock boy. He showed him how to scan the items. Mike told him that he lost his house was homeless  for about a year after he graduated from high school. He supports his mother and two younger sisters. He wants to go back to school, but it is difficult because his mother is out of work. He hit Undercover boss Toby’s heart.

The Undercover Boss show helped Toby Bost meet with his workers  and was an eye-opening experience.

When he questioned Jesus, he asked if he was fired? Toby told him no, but he would not let him off the hook. Undercover boss Toby saw himself in Jesus at 23.  Jesus needed fatherly advice; something his life lacked and looked to Toby as a mentor. Undercover Boss Toby Bost would fly him to Irvine to work with him and corporate to learn customer support etiquette from human resources.

Meeting Mike was a great experience. Because of Mike, Toby Bost is working on a new computer system to further help stock workers. He also set up a crisis fund for families of workers in need. He expressed how happy he was that Mike found a home at O’Neill and gave him a $10,000 bonus for him and when he is ready to go back to school, there will be $40,000 waiting for him. Mike wanted to cry and was in shock that someone cared so much for him.

Desiree was next. Toby thought she was a genius to have reps wear a backpack around the store to sell more items. He appreciated her motivational skills. He sent her and her daughter to an all-expenses paid trip to the theme parks, He paid her rent for the next year to help get some weight off her shoulders, and gave her a $20,000 bonus to help her with her needs for her daughter.

When he met with Jorge, Toby was grateful for his dedication. He found out that the instructions sent with the shirts was incorrect, and that Jorge was doing their job for them. He spoke to Jorge’s boss who is giving him a raise and increasing his benefits. He has been looking out for O’Neill, now its O’neil’s turn to look out for him. Toby gave Jorge $40,000 to help his family and his ill daughter. Jorge gave Toby a big hug.

The Stories that this show Undercover Boss is what makes this one of my favorite TV shows


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